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The Volvo XC40 and XC60 is

> Luxury redefined.

Aussie content resonates better with Aussie audiences. For greater market cut-through, we'll localise the XC40 and XC60 with luxury aesthetics to drive better market resonation and higher engagement across organic and paid touch-points.

Volvo XC40

Feature packed into a compact size, agile handling makes navigating city streets a breeze. The XC40's spacious interior offers flexible seating options and ingenious storage solutions. With its intelligent features and stylish Scandinavian aesthetics, the Volvo XC40 sets a new standard for urban SUVs, making it the perfect companion for everyday adventures.

Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is a captivating and luxurious mid-size SUV that combines exquisite design, exceptional performance, and advanced safety features. With its striking presence and contemporary Scandinavian styling, XC60 coupled with a harmonious blend of comfort, technology, and versatility represents a sophisticated and adventurous driving experience.

Discover Volvo XC40 – The Smart & Versatile Urban SUV


The compact Volvo SUV will take center stage in our captivating visuals. Focusing on its contemporary design and characterised details, this commercial will infuse details outside and inside the car with external elements of architecture, weather and real-life elements.

Set in the vibrant heart of Barangaroo, the XC40 will embark on a journey through golden hour that showcases the compact SUV’s intelligence, versatility, and seamless integration into the urban lifestyle.

As the camera pans over the sleek and stylish exterior of the XC40, we witness its distinct design and modern aesthetics. The city skyline serves as a picturesque backdrop, highlighting the car’s urban appeal.

At the touch of a button, the smart features come to life, emphasising the car’s intuitive technology and connectivity.

The scene transitions to various city settings, capturing the XC40’s nimble and agile nature. It travels effortlessly through busy streets, and bustling CBDs, showcasing its compact yet capable stature.

Whether it’s zipping through main roads via rolling shots or effortlessly gliding through narrow alleyways, the XC40 effortlessly tackles the challenges of urban driving.

Throughout the commercial, the XC40’s key features are subtly emphasised (to be detailed in the video brief).

The commercial concludes with a captivating shot of the XC40 parked in a vibrant urban setting, leaving viewers with a lasting impression of the car’s smart, versatile, and compact nature.

Note: The video brief will blend the opportunity for XC60 to appear in a hero rolling shot.

Elevated Escapes with Volvo XC60 – Characterised by Comfort


The XC60 embarks on a journey whilst showcasing unparalleled comfort, connectivity and Volvo’s unwavering commitment to safety.

This commercial opens with sweeping shots of breathtaking landscapes, portraying the allure of a luxurious travel destination.

As the camera zooms in, we discover the Volvo XC60, poised elegantly against the backdrop, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey.

Inside the XC60, we identify an oasis of comfort, showing off the crystal gear shifter and driftwood decor. Plush leather seats, meticulously crafted interior details, and ambient lighting create an atmosphere of opulence which will be further visualised through a macro view.

The spacious cabin will then be visualised to show that it provides ample legroom and headspace, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the refined surroundings.

A seamless transition reveals the XC60’s connectivity with Google, as the driver effortlessly interacts with the car’s advanced infotainment system.

As the XC60 leaves to continue through its journey through drive-by shots and rolling shots, we then shift focus to innovative features such as lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot monitoring, highlighting the car’s dedication to safeguarding both driver and passengers.

Interspersed with captivating scenery, the XC60 conquers winding roads and glides effortlessly along coastal highways. The car’s smooth handling and powerful performance underscore its capability and the thrill of the journey.

Whether it’s ascending a scenic mountain pass or cruising along a sun-kissed coastline (to be defined further in video brief), the XC60 embraces every moment with grace and confidence.

As the commercial draws to a close, the XC60 arrives at a luxurious destination.

Note: The video brief may blend the opportunity for XC40 to appear in a static shot.


The car remains central to the frame always. Seamless transitions. As the scene changes, so does the pace and angle of the car. As the car slows, the scene shifts to the point of focus of the action. As the car speeds up and seamlessly transitions into the next scene, the angle changes to be more dynamic or aggressive (for example: accelerating into a winding road or onto a highway).


Backing music track will anchor the video for consistency but will take a back seat to the ambience and sounds of the car. An emphasis will be placed on the atmospheric sound of the current scene and the ASMR-esque elements that it entails (soft-touch on leather, door thud, the woosh through the mountains or the sound of tread on the tarmac). The main audio focus will be on natural environment sounds and ASMR elements, coupled sounds the car produces in motion.


Grading will be bright and punchy, consistent in contrast and saturation between scenes – allowing for the natural change in sets to create a dynamic and interesting shift for the audience. The LUT and overall grading will be minimal – just enough to create a consistent look without making it feel unnatural between transitions.