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Overarching Drone Brief

Build upon last years amazing visuals as a base, by utilising similar key segments.

In addition to last year, build in cinematic transitions and more extreme effects to assist in our increased production value. References for samples have been provided below.

With the references provided, we are trying to show viewers the different elements of the show in an immersive way. These references should be captured in addition to the standard shots and shots captured from last year as a base framework.

Key Shot List

The key shot list has been provided as a base of areas to cover of the show which have been outlined as zones, as opposed to indicative shots to get. We would love to lean on your expertise to capture the ideal shots and give you creative freedom to capture different elements.

To be safe, we recommend getting 2 – 3 shots of each ‘zone’.

  • Stadium
  • Show Arena – Main Area Cars
  • Show Arena – Banner
  • Show Arena – THE-LOWDOWN Stand Overview
  • Show Arena – THE-LOWDOWN Stand Each Individual Car Hover
  • Drift Arena (Track Loop Only) – Action Shots
  • Drift Arena (Track Loop Only) – Crowd Shots
  • Drift Arena (Track Loop Only) – Birds Eye View
  • Drift Focus – Sultanfq McLaren (What you did with the Porsche last year was amazing!!)
  • Drift Focus – Adam LZ
  • Drift Focus – Nightride R32 (Blue)
  • Awards – At Time of Awards – Sunday 2PM
  • Transition Sequences – Covered In Reference Files

Additional Shot List - THE-LOWDOWN Influencer

THE-LOWDOWN will have one of its influencers from Italy at the show. Looking at your previous work and the amazing work that you have done with people and talent, we think you may be able to create some cool content with him.

He is a break dancer and will be able to manoeuvre either in the stadium or near our stand / around the car. Capturing him individually is an important segment to us as he will be wearing unreleased new T-LD merchandise which we will be hyping up over the next month.

For this portion, are you able to come back to us with some ideas of what we could possibly do / how you would shoot him and then we can organise time etc.

His account – @vandicomix

Example of what he can do – 1 + more on profile

1. Reference // Sky-Fly For Transition

When you are an in area of the show, for example the drift arena, fly up to show the sky, then in the next zone, for example the show arena, start from the sky and fly down to reveal the new arena. Fly-through the new arena to show the scale of that area.

2. Reference // Zone Fly-Through For Transition

This reference can be utilised to move audiences from one area of the show to another in an immersive way. The grass shot is an additional shot that has been transitioned in post and the fly up coming throughout.

When at the event, think of how this could be utilised with concrete, grass in the stadium etc.

NOTE: Speed-ramping etc. will be applied by our team in post-production.

3. Reference // General Fly-Through To Show Crowds and Cars

The scale of Ultrace is something that’s most talked about and we’d love to show that through general fly-throughts focusing on areas that have a lot of crowds and also areas with show cars on display. Note the ground transition that was applied here.

4. Reference // Crowd Follow For Awards

On Sunday at 2PM when it comes times for awards, we want to be there to capture drone footage of crowds and confetti etc. Do try to fly as close as safely possible to the stage.

5. Reference // 360 Degree Spin

Capture a 360 spin of the stadium and other hotspots such as the drift arena. There is a round section of the show which is partially on lower ground where this effect could also work well in.

These will assist in transitioning scenes in post-production. Camber and THE-LOWDOWN will be hosting a pre-party for owners only at night and this effect may work well in our area also.

This could also work well for our influencer Vandicomix.

NOTE: Speed-ramping etc. will be applied by our team in post-production.

6. Experimental Reference // Inside Car 360

We love to try experimental shots and we weren’t sure if you had the capability to achieve something like this with a small drone or with any of your gear. If would be great to do this inside one of the cars on THE-LOWDOWN stand, or we can find a convertible car at the show to try it on to show how people are looking at the car/walking past etc.

NOTE: Speed-ramping etc. will be applied by our team in post-production.

7. Reference // Profile Of Each Of The 3 Cars On THE-LOWDOWN Stand

THE-LOWDOWN stand will have 3 different cars all on plinths, we’d love to have some footage of each car individually in the best form that you may see fit. This reference has been provided as an example. The key difference to the previous 360 degree shot is that this one is not a birds-eye POV.

8. Reference // Upside-Down Flythrough

This could work at the crowd area during the awards or when showing the scale of cars. This could end with a sky-fly that shows the sky.

NOTE: Speed-ramping etc. will be applied by our team in post-production.

9. Reference // Birdseye Zoomout

Start low and zoom very far out. The slower the zoom out is shot, the better, as speed-ramping will be applied in post production.

This could work well for static cars on display on THE-LOWDOWN stand or hero cars at the event, such as the LBWK Lamborghini Countach.

This could also work well for our influencer Vandicomix.

10. Reference // Cinematics

We absolutely loved shots like this which you took!!

11. Reference // Cinematics

Showing off the stadium and others areas in a cinematic way including night shots.

NOTE: Production value isn’t expected to be like this, as show production varies. The reference is noted for the type of shots including birds eye shots. 

12. Reference // Drifting

In addition to the Pink Porsche from last years Ultrace video, we loved this video that you have taken in the past as a reference for the drift loop.