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A showcase of the underground street culture that THE-LOWDOWN brand represents in a completely raw form; infusing a mix of modified cars on chrome wheels to link to our new line of limited merchandise.

The shoot will feature 3 cars (Nissan R34 GT-R, Mazda RX-7, Honda NSX) and 3 models (2 Female, 1 Male) in an underground style carpark setting.

This is an evolution of our 'Blackout' drop from last year. See visuals below to see what we're using a base from our previous release, but expanding on for this drop.

  • Womens Crop Tee
  • Womens Crop Hoodie
  • Mens Tee
  • Mens Hoodie
  • Unisex Reflective Jacket
  • Chrome Keychain
  • Chrome Plate Frame
  • Chrome Lighter
  • Chrome Hotboii Banner
  • Chrome Classic Banner
  • Chrome Stickers

6:00PM – 8:00PM (T-LD Team)

Internal briefing session with 4 x crew who will be on-site.

9:00PM – 10:00PM (T-LD Team)

Arrival to location and placement setup from initial scouting. Lighting setup and preparation of merchandise.

10:30PM (With Talent + Cars)

Arrival of models and cars. Quick introductions and kick-off of shots.

Location: Glen Street Carpark, Ground Level, Eastwood.

10:30PM – 11:30PM (With Talent + Cars)

Capture of general shots from shot list.

11:30PM – 12:30AM (With Talent + Cars)

Capture of technical shots from list. Talent to finish at designated time.

12:30AM – 1:30AM (T-LD Team + Cars)

Final shots with cars including vantage point shots & Ruby.


  • Black pants (jeans, wide legged trousers, tights (female)
  • Black sneakers (dunks, jordans etc.)
  • Silver ring(s)
  • Silver necklace(s)
  • Silver bracelet(s)
  • Silver earring(s)
  • Sunglasse(s)
  • Hair ties so we can change hairstyles
  • Anything else including props that you think may suit the vibe and aesthetic!


  • Neutral
  • Relaxed
  • Attitude
  • Cool
  • Not trying too hard
  • General poses have been provided in the tabs above and can be referred to during the shoot


  • You’re more than welcome to bring a support person to the shoot
  • Our team will be on hand to provide guidance and assistance and direct the shoot with poses
  • Our team will also have a shot list and will run you through shot by shot
  • If it becomes overwhelming, that’s ok! Take a break
  • If you get stuck, we can move onto another portion of the video and come back to the original segment at a later time

1. Reverse Walk // Edit In Post Production

Model walks forward in video with cars in the background. Camera to be positioned straight on tripod and frame to be reversed in post production.

NOTE: All depictions are for technical reference only and not a representation of grading or palette. Refer to palette for grade guide.

2. Reverse & Forward Walk // Stitch In Post Production

An expansion of the previous shot, where camera is placed on tripod, and one half is stitched in normal frame whilst the other is reversed. This should show one model wearing the Monogram Hoodie which is reflective on the back, and another model walking forward with the crop tee print on front.

3. Jacket Throw On // Test Shot With Kim

Reflective jacket to be thrown to Kim from overhead and a catch and throw-on to be tested. Due to time constraints, test 3 – 5 times & can shot if not achievable.

4. Reflective Test 1 // Bel.C

Camera to be placed on tripod and lighting to shine on reflective jacket to achieve desired effect. Bel.C to pose in-situ with cars in background.

5. Reflective Test 2 // Approach Camera

Two models, Kim and Louis to approach camera, Kim in the reflective jacket and Louis in the Hoodie.

6. Reflective Profile // Close-Up Of Hoodie On & Off

Reflective hoodie being taken on and off with reflective glow effect.

7. Transition // Telephoto Reverse, Then Forward Walk With Model Switch

A transition effect for post production, telephoto reverse and forward walk. This is an opportunity to have a model walk out of frame, and another walk into frame wearing another garment. Recommend Female & Male switch.

8. Transition // Camera Pull and Walk

An effect to try out with cars in the background.

9. Preview // Crossover Walk

Shot to be captured at the end when Ruby is on-site and Jason can fill in as an additional walker. Choreography to be organised mess walk.