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Brand Partnership Proposal


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We welcome a strategic partnership with RED Digital Cinema and see this as a unique opportunity for RED to leverage T-LD’s audience and reinforce its positioning as an industry leading camera manufacturer, whilst gaining access to new market and audience data.

The start of a real, tactical partnership.

T-LD has a history of utilising Sony & Canon gear, with our in-house content creators utilising these brands for all photography and videography applications thus far.

Whilst these brands have been utilised up until this point in time, we are looking to begin a new chapter with an official camera partner on board and are hoping that RED can be this partner.

In remaining true to our brand and its values, we have always been selective in who we work with and this approach has allowed T-LD to become a trusted voice within the industry, culminating in a loyal and engaged audience.

The prospect of working with RED excites us and we know that this partnership will also excite the 1.5 million automotive enthusiasts that are a part of T-LD’s digital communities.

Our demographic of 23 – 45 year old discerning automotive enthusiasts are comprised of a multitude of content creators, influencers and visually motivated followers who regularly enquire as to what gear we are utilising for our productions.

A strategic partnership with T-LD would help to promote RED Digital Cinema’s technology to a relevant audience, helping to capture a larger share of the content creator market.

It’s also an opportunity for RED to engage in branded content with T-LD allowing RED Digital Cinema to not only expand its reach as a strategic partner, but gain access to all branded content audience data for retargeting in future marketing campaigns.

Throughout this proposal, we’ll explore how we can increase consideration and drive conversations for RED, whilst providing you with two partnership options to allow you to decide where the most value can be extracted.

An opportunity to reach your audience in the most compelling way.


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See What Our Brand Partners Are Already Saying

What makes the T-LD stand out is their eye for detail. You are drawn into these cinematic pieces, it’s highly engaging from start to finish. Like-minded partners are important to us and our core values are shared by The-Lowdown.

Ebony DohertyPR & Brand Partnership Manager - Michelin

We see the collaboration with T-LD as the perfect opportunity to showcase our products via a very relevant platform using a targeted and strategic approach. T-LD's knowledge of the demographic and ability to deliver in the space is second to none.

Tim McMurrayMarketing Manager - XForce

We're excited to see T-LD's take on our all new Audi RS6. They're a brand synonymous for creating new trends and have always been on the forefront of creating engaging content. Combined, we know this is going to drum up a lot of hype!

Tim KarjadiSite Manager - Audi Alto Group

For a long time, we have been fans of T-LD's execution and ability to create content that is crisp, direct and captivating to watch. Their cinematic style of shooting creates drama and emphasis on the subject and is a perfect pair with Brixton's brand image. This will greatly help stimulate further growth for Brixton Forged in Australia and around the globe.

Stuart JorgensonGlobal Sales Manager - Brixton Forged

This all sounds great. But what does ‘Branded Content’ actually mean?

Glad you asked… Branded Content is a collaborative way for brands to not only post sponsored content across digital channels but also a way to seamlessly and transparently share audience data between partnered brands. Facebook describes it as “another way to leverage your expertise in creating content for social feeds and mobile environments, as well as credibility with an audience”.
This means that business partners (i.e. RED) will benefit from high quality content shared with audiences from trusted sources (i.e. T-LD). In essence, it would allow RED to not only reach a targeted audience of automotive enthusiasts and content creators as an official partner via T-LD’s professional content, but also gain access to all audience data that results from any branded content posts – a considerable acquisition when considering T-LD’s reach.
For the purpose of this proposal, we have utilised branded content from our partnership with Michelin as an example of what RED could expect as part of a corporate sponsorship deal with T-LD. The below packages outline two partnership options, comprising of a technology partnership and a full brand partnership.

Supply Only

In a technology partnership, we would envisage utilisation of selected RED camera gear for all video productions to allow T-LD to elevate the already excellent level of content that we are capable of producing.

In exchange for supplying premium camera equipment, we would look to offer RED two mentions per month across Facebook and Instagram with RED product placement in selected content. T-LD regularly publishes ‘behind-the-scenes’ content of productions and this would also be utilised for product placements, with T-LD being open to discussing how the partnership would be identified.

Additionally, RED will benefit from T-LD ensuring all community enquiries on our posts where RED technology was utilised would be responded to with RED camera specifications. Finally, the current affiliate links on our YouTube channel would be changed from Sony to RED with links driving users directly to RED’s specific web pages for the technology we are utilising.

  • Behind-The-Scenes
  • Product Placement
  • Facebook
  • Community Responses
  • Affiliate Links
  • Instagram

Supply + Branded Content

Featuring RED’s branding within key project marketing pieces, we’ll position RED as the leader and our choice in camera technology for T-LD productions. Branded content videos will be published across our digital channels and will contain prominent RED branding throughout with a ‘Brought To You By’ or ‘Powered By’ acknowledgment. To ensure impact, this acknowledgment will be placed within the first three seconds of the video.

These features will be a mix of consumer content and high-end professional productions where we would utilise the RED’s technology, with publication of branded content to be distributed across a number of our digital channels with content also being made available to RED for utilisation. All audience data collected by T-LD in sponsored posts will then be shared with RED, giving you direct access to our audience data for future marketing.

Each video will be supported by an interactive web experience that engages our audience and draws attention to the brand partnership with breakout sections explaining RED and T-LD’s collaboration. On each feature web page, we will allocate scrolling banner placements for RED and on social media, RED will benefit from direct tags identifying brand sponsorship, along with mentions in copywriting and Facebook information detailing the nature of the partnership.

As an example, each piece of Michelin-branded T-LD Content has already received 750,000 views on average – a 37% increase on T-LD’s unbranded content, demonstrating the effectiveness of powerful brand partnerships.



The example to the right provides an idea of how RED Branded Content could appear on our digital channels with a specific breakdown of what is included (per piece) in a branded content partnership arrangement below:

YouTube Display

  • Brand placement in first 3 seconds of YouTube feature video with a “Brought to you by” or “Powered by” acknowledgement
  • Brand placement on YouTube copy with link pointing back to a URL of your choice

Facebook Display (Utilising Branded Content Tools)

  • Brand placement in first 3 seconds of Facebook feature video with a “Brought to you by” or “Powered by” acknowledgement
  • Brand placement on Facebook copy
  • Brand placement on Branded Content tool

Instagram Display (Utilising Branded Content Tools)

  • Brand placement in first 3 seconds of Instagram feature video with a “Brought to you by” or “Powered by” acknowledgement
  • Brand Placement on Instagram copy
  • Brand Placement on Instagram Stories
  • Brand Placement on Instagram bio
  • Brand Placement on Branded Content tool

Web Display

  • Brand placement in first 3 seconds of Website feature video with a “Brought To You By” or “Powered By” acknowledgement
  • Brand scrolling banner placements on feature web pages

Audience Data Share

  • Full data share of each Branded Content Post’s Reach



We’ll position RED Digital Cinema as our Branded Content Partner for selected T-LD photo and video productions.

Below are visual examples of the specified inclusions for Branded Content. We have utilised examples from our Branded Content Partnership with Michelin to demonstrate how RED’s branding could appear across our content in a sponsored format. In addition to the example images below, examples of how RED’s branding could appear on T-LD’s Branded Content can be found at the following links. (Audi R8 // Michelin Branded Content)(BMW M3 // Michelin Branded Content).









Audience Data Share

OK, so how much will it cost?

Investment is available in two tiers and priced exclusive of GST. The first option is for RED to become a Technology Partner of T-LD with the second being a full Brand Partnership. Both partnership deals have been recommended for 12 months and would see RED become a corporate partner of T-LD.


$ 0.00

Per Month
  • April 2021 – March 2022
  • Mentions Per Month x2
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • In-Shot Product Placements
  • RED Affiliate YouTube Links
  • Gear-Specific Community Engagement
  • Branded Content Per Month x1
  • Website Branded Content
  • Website Scrolling Banner Placements
  • YouTube Branded Content
  • Branded Content Roll-Out Posts x3
  • Ad Spend Included
  • Audience Data Share


$ 0

Per Month
  • April 2021 – March 2022
  • Mentions Per Month x2
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • In-Shot Product Placements
  • RED Affiliate YouTube Links
  • Gear-Specific Community Engagement
  • Branded Content Per Month x1
  • Website Branded Content
  • Website Scrolling Banner Placements
  • YouTube Branded Content
  • Branded Content Roll-Out Posts x3
  • Ad Spend Included
  • Audience Data Share

Case Study: Sparesbox achieves a low CPV via

Utilising a similar concept to the one proposed to RED, leading E-Tailer Sparesbox commissioned Branded Content throughout’s platforms and received great results.

In just one month, Sparesbox received a total of:





We distributed Branded Content through a multi channel approach. A 4:5 ‘hype reel’ content piece carrying Sparesbox branding was utilised on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Across all channels, brand alliance was established with the use of ‘Powered By Sparesbox’ on content. This was displayed within the first three seconds.

All platforms pointed to a unique web experience which was specially curated for each car. Sparesbox alliance and branding was carried through on the web experience with more context.

One more thing…

Managed By Our In-House Agency

The-Lowdown Agency has a diverse portfolio of clients and RED will benefit from in-house expertise. Together, we’ll work to ensure that deliverables are briefed in and met on time. As a team, we’ll be reporting to you directly.