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Social Media.

Have you ever put a tonne of effort into creating posts only for it to reach a very small portion of your following and receive an even smaller number of likes?

Yes, anyone can create content but creating content that performs, is a different story.

To make social media work, content needs to be world-class and strategy-led. And, for it to be powerful, you need targeted advertising. Social content and advertising – two areas in which we excel.

Once we have curated or created award-winning content, we then target the right people at the right time to reach the people looking for what you offer.

Community Management
Content Seeding
Engagement Optimisation
Platform Growth
Data, Analytics & Reporting

Here’s what we can do:


End-to-end management

From setting up pages through to managing day-to-day posts and running campaigns that drive sales, we will propose the right strategy for your business.

Creative & content development

Likes don’t drive sales. We’ll develop an engaging content program and feed that guarantees to turn a follower into a long-term customer. We’ll work with your businesses to determine what’s coming up and create unique campaigns to communicate this.

Community management & crisis management

Our social media strategies are never restricted to a humble post. They always include community development and management. We can handle your business’ messages or comments, responding on your behalf. We can also develop crisis management plans and communications for those times when things may not go as planned.

Here are our top five essentials for social media. All our packages can be customised to include any of the below.

End-to-end management

Seems straight forward, right? Unfortunately not, it’s something we see done wrong too often. Then, there are the spelling & grammar mistakes… Copy should be social, not salesy. It also needs to be proof-read and relate to your audience.

Leading with the right visuals

We’ve all heard the adage “a picture speaks a thousand words” for social advertising, it’s never been truer. But how do you pick the right visuals? Testing will help you determine which images, videos and copy are performing best (just make sure you test one thing at a time). Don’t forget to make sure your website or landing page reads well and looks good.

Leverage audiences & engagements

This is super important! Use the Facebook Ads platform to dig deep into who you want your audience to be. Then, build custom audiences based on how people are engaging with you. These two things are also super powerful, so if you’re unsure, we’re here to help.

Use data to optimise your campaign

Social media platforms offer a huge amount of data and insights, but you need to know what you're reading to make it worth your while. Your next campaign should be optimised based on the results of your last.

Don’t forget about best practices and guidelines

Having a campaign rejected after you have spent all that time creating it, is heartbreaking. Always be up to date with their latest guidelines - there’s guidelines on too much text, too much skin and so on.

Want to push your socials to their full potential? Reach out to us and lets chat about taking your online presence to the next level.

What else do we do?

We can help your business grow in lots of ways.

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