Accelerating XForce’s marketing performance.

XForce is one of Australia’s most recognisable performance exhaust brands. When XForce approached us, they were looking to scale up their marketing activities and create opportunities to drive sales of products through their dealers.

Quick stats:


channel subscribers in less than two years


video views, averaging over 200,000 per video


countries - making XForce viral and taking them across the world

Achieveable with our integrated services.

Today, our partnership has spanned over a quarter of a decade where we manage their worldwide B2C marketing plans and their worldwide B2B dealer communication programs. This 360° approach revolves around:

Starting at the beginning.

To catapult their marketing efforts, we developed a three-phase process that would collectively take us from strategy to execution.

The discovery session allowed us to build a tailored strategy for the brand. As part of our ongoing monthly efforts, we:


Manage their complete digital identity including all social media.

Expand their digital community through a curated content program, positioning XForce above the competition.

Use data to turn this digital community into lovers and buyers of XForce’s products.

Create sale opportunities using a mixture of mechanisms - from brand ambassadors to a strong communications campaign - turning dealer leads into customers.

Generate positive local and international PR opportunities.

Boost XForce into the US market by creating a data-driven expansion strategy.

Content that packs a punch.

Content is one of the most important pieces in XForce’s monthly program and luckily, we know how to create and curate content that sticks.

Whether it be a video that masterfully appeals to those who love the crackle and pop sounds of an exhaust, to a post featuring the rarest of cars we’ve sourced for them, we make sure XForce is always supremely positioned, always relevant and always remembered first.

Problem? We've got the solution.

When conducting target market research, we quickly found that XForce were not creating content that their audience loved. We changed that.

Consistency is key.

Every day, we formulate a mix of content that motivates their audience. First we build a 'love' brand, then we get the sales conversions.

A seamless experience.

We take care of everything - from content concepts, design, approval, rollout and advertising. All while adhering to branding guidelines.

Going beyond the post.

Highly targeted ads amplify all of our efforts. Creative, campaign objective, bidding, optimisation? We've got it all covered.

Enhancing the purchasing journey.

By building and utilising data sets, we ensure that each piece of communication reaches the right audience at the right time.

Driving leads to a global dealer network.

XForce’s worldwide dealer network means we’re not only driving their local B2C communications. We also manage their B2B rollouts for new products and promotions - across their global dealer network.

Assets? Copy? Any other jargon?

Our omnichannel approach means XForce’s worldwide dealers have 24/7 access to seriously good marketing collateral. All they need to do is CTRL C + CTRL V our pre-packaged videos, photos and descriptions.


“Excellent delivery all year round on our revolving program and thorough follow up during projects. We appreciate the way the team really embeds themselves into our brand. ★★★★★”

Tim.MMarketing Manager