Achieving triple digit e-Commerce growth


Increase In Revenue


Return On Ad Spend


Increase In Transactions


Increase In Average Order Value


Decrease In Cost Per Transaction


Return On Investment

We Are Likewise has fast become the leader in premium shift knobs and automotive accessories.

From the get-go, our goal was clear, to increase their e-Commerce store sales. Our integrated services to achieve this included:

It all started with an audit. We looked at what was working and what wasn’t. Using this insight, we developed a digital blueprint that would overhaul the previous approach.

We turned campaigns that were far too broad, into personalised and targeted groups of customers that were ready to purchase. We then optimised ads based on ROI and rolled out new creatives and messaging.

Everything was A/B tested and refined to make sure their budget was determined by ad performance. We then...actually, if we told you more, then we’d be telling you too much.

In less than three months, we achieved 14x ROAS and catapulted their revenue by 251%, which saw six-figure returns. We increased ROI by 1188% and increased transactions by 194%.

They are now reaping the rewards and have since expanded their operations into Japan and New Zealand.

Overall, we took what was a plateauing campaign, optimised it and dramatically increased their revenue. Today, we continue to optimise and manage their complete ad profile.


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