Unitronic is an Industry Leader in ECU & Performance enhancements for European vehicles.

Unitronic’s Australia was having trouble gaining traction in the Australian marketplace, making it difficult for them to achieve their targets.

Locally, they were undiscoverable. We set out to change this.

Quick stats:


Increase In Sales Quarterly


Qualified Leads Per Month

We started with an audit of Unitronic’s digital identity. Without first understanding a brand’s history, what’s performing and what isn’t, it’s impossible to develop a strategic roadmap for success.

Following this audit, we designed an ongoing social media communication program that would appeal to the hearts and minds of their intended Australian audience.

This communication program set out to leverage the heritage and brand equity of Unitronic globally, allowing us to assist in penetrating the local market effectively.

Our goal was to create completely custom content for Unitronic Australia – We wanted to show the target audience that the product is relevant in Australia, whilst reminding them of the brand’s heritage.

This quality content was bolstered by utilising the right data to roll-out effective digital advertising, helping Unitronic achieve around a 50% increase in quarterly sales.