Building a brand as beautiful as their homes.

Trend Connection is South-West Sydney’s fastest-growing home builder. In 2019, they had secured over 300 contracts and were named NSW’s 19th biggest builder.

Trend Connection came to us with a problem - a good problem - they were growing fast and needed branded collateral that clearly identified that people were passing another Trend Connection Home. We were also tasked with refining the brand’s identity.

First steps involved refining their existing logo.

Not wanting to change their identity completely, and to retain the recognition and IP of their existing logo, we set about refining and modernising the marque without compromising it’s visual integrity. The gradient was flattened, a spot colour chosen and the typography refined.

From there, we created a full suite of print and digital collateral. We wanted to convey the tenor of the identity at every touch point, reinforcing brand recognition through use of the new spot colour, design language and messaging.

Clear visual guidelines were developed, ensuring a consistent look across all social channels. To assist with this, on-brand lock ups were designed to help with incorporating messaging and reviews into images and posts.

Our ongoing work with Trend Connection includes managing their social media presence across all their platforms. This includes all content creation, digital advertising, lead generation and inbound lead management.