Priceline is fully booked out.

Priceline approached us to plan and prepare their upcoming social media advertising campaign for Sleep Apnea.

In just 24 days, we booked out Priceline Pharmacy for 3 months!

We developed a strategy that incorporated unique and tailored content with effective, targeted advertising to provide effective results. 

Our strategy created an extremely high efficiency of ad spend, giving Priceline a high number of qualified leads in minimal time and budget. 

Priceline is now looking to roll this practice out across more of their stores.

Breakdown of performance

Sleep Apnea Campaign

  • Cost Per Click: $0.51
    (Compared to Industry Average of $1.32)
  • Campaign now ready to scale Australia-wide


Increase in Facebook page reach.


Increase in Instagram page reach.


Increase in Facebook page visits.


Increase in new Facebook page likes.

Breakdown of performance

General Store Campaign

  • Cost Per Click: $0.02

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