Maximising brand equity through triple-digit growth in reach and engagement.

Delivering powerful content with meaning.

As their national social media and creative agency, The-Lowdown has helped to establish Michelin as a market leader on digital platforms that viewers just can’t seem to get enough of.


Increase in Total Reach


Increase in Total Post Reactions

Pushing the Michelin brand to new heights.

Despite the ubiquity of Michelin, The-Lowdown Agency has managed to reinvigorate the brand and build renewed, targeted engagement—supported by consistent numbers and metrics.

We've been able to achieve these results through a mix of:

Social media - ideated, curated, executed.

Standing out from the crowd isn’t just in The-Lowdown’s DNA, it’s a DNA that we inject into all of the brands we work with.

We utilised our experience, knowledge and automotive passion from building our own brand to grow Michelin's social media accounts and the result is a powerful digital channel performing better than ever.

Engagement that puts the brand first.

Everything we do revolves around the specific objectives of the business we're working with - and the aim of the game for Michelin was community growth and increased brand loyalty.

To achieve this, we first distilled their target market to understand exactly what makes their audience tick and then delivered the content we knew they'd love right to their finger tips.

Numbers don't lie.

We simplify the complexities of what we do behind the scenes by delivering tangible and measurable results that reinforce our ability to not only consistently meet a client's objectives, but exceed them.

A perfect example of this is being able to statistically calculate a 281% increase in total reach for Michelin, demonstrating our achievement of one of their key growth objectives.

Visceral content, designed to evoke an emotion.

The-Lowdown Agency curates visually stunning but relatable content for Michelin, with our analytics showing that the audience actually cares about what we put in front of them as they continually return to engage with the brand.

So what do the numbers say? Well, we achieved a staggering 300% increase in total post reactions!

Impactful reach that generates traffic.

We also generated a 45% increase in CTA clicks to Michelin's website, demonstrating a tangible upturn in traffic, enquiries and ultimately, conversions.

"The team at THE-LOWDOWN Agency have been efficient at understanding our brand challenges, both in the local market and respectful of the international reputation of the brand. They’ve provided effective and relevant solutions and maintain strong communication throughout stages of recommendation to implementation and reporting. We look forward to continuing to work with the team throughout 2021 and beyond.”

– Ayla Erdogan, Campaign Manager, Michelin Australia

Projecting a brand with a voice and personality.

A community where followers feel valued and listened to will invariably become a community that actively supports the growth of a brand. That’s why we always go the extra mile to put Michelin's followers first, leaving no enquiry or display of loyalty unnoticed.

Swift, personalised responses make Michelin’s audience feel like they’re important and heard.

This approach saw an increase of 215% in total comments.

Professional-grade content that matters.

Michelin also leveraged The-Lowdown Agency to produce a TV Commercial-grade content piece that looked to engage their target demographic and keep them coming back.

Our 'Back On The Road' campaign was developed and produced entirely in-house and it performed phenomenally well across Michelin's digital channels.


Video Views


Link Clicks

Diverse content that effectively targets the right audiences.

Delivering diversified content over the course of the campaign allowed us to target the hatchback, 2-wheel and SUV segments.

Through A/B testing, we proved that our diversified and targeted approach to the campaign was effective, as the broad, undiversified control test yielded lower click-through rates.

From start to finish, we executed a campaign that was authentically Australian; portraying the idealistic weekend getaway that we knew our target audience would love.

A match made in heaven.

Thorough planning, careful curation and precise execution have seen Michelin grow like never before.

Backed by our innate understanding of all things automotive and armed with powerful insights, it's little wonder Michelin continue to utilise The-Lowdown Agency as their preferred digital marketing specialist.