Activating a new product for a househould brand name.

We were approached by Lipton who wanted to reach tens of thousands Australian households with their new Kombucha range. To align with the campaign vision of ‘Everyone can enjoy kombucha now’, we helped develop a sampling campaign for them and identified opportunities to impactfully reach the desired target market while physically handing out samples.

Along came COVID.

But with newly introduced restrictions on gatherings and movements, that campaign went out the window.

We needed to pivot quickly. We started by recognising the changing habits of the target market. Even though people were at home, there was still an opportunity to get this product into their hands.

This was because they were using food ordering and delivery services.

It started with delivery partners.

To get the samples distributed in volume, we teamed up with UberEats, Menu Log, Deliveroo and Doordash.

Participating restaurants each received samples and supporting collateral that was packed with every order.

Then, by working with over 2000 food delivery drivers, we were able to get Lipton’s latest range direct to the consumer.

We continued the conversation with recipients.

After surprising and delighting the recipient (because everyone loves a freebie), our specially created collateral directed people to a digital experience that housed a short product satisfaction survey - giving them the chance to win $100.

There’s one thing people like more than a freebie, and that’s the chance to win cash! The survey allowed Lipton to gain valuable insights into the consumers thoughts surrounding the product.

The Lipton brand experience was handled with care.

Our objective was to create a seamless, on-brand experience for the consumer—from the moment they received the product, to completing the survey.

We achieved this buy utilising the Lipton and Kombucha brand assets to build a simple and easy to navigate user experience.

Key To Success:

We Built An Intuitive Landing Page


& Captured Product Feedback Data

Every touch point was carefully considered. We created a flyer that explained the process, that also directed the consumer to the website and survey. The website was designed to be interactive, whilst remaining mobile friendly. It was important to ensure the embedded survey process was streamlined, simple and engaging, to ensure a high completion rate.


We created a mobile-first design from ground up and housed it on a specialised URL.


The survey itself was interactive & easy to use.


From bottle to flyer to website, we made sure the Lipton brand experience was seamless.


The site adhered to best practice with SSL.






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It is absolutely possible to conceptualise and execute campaigns during a pandemic. It’s a matter of remaining in tune with the target audience, changing the way you communicate, what you say and the channels you use.

Our work with Lipton’s Kombucha range is a great example of this. In the end, their vision, ‘Everyone can enjoy kombucha now’ really did ring true because all samples were distributed.