Taking a new brand to market.

When it comes to drinking coffee, we’re always up for it, so, when Estate 88, a coffee bean supplier, came to us, it was a perfect match.

We were tasked with positioning them as a premium coffee brand and taking their brand to market. An audit of their macro and micro environment, their prospective customers and a competitor analysis gave us the insight to take things to the drawing board.

We devised a strategy that would take them to market and be elevated above the rest of the competition. As expected, their digital footprint was significantly smaller than that of their competitors. They didn’t have the benefit of an established reputation amongst consumers and large traffic volumes, so the strategy needed to encompass growth across every channel for the partnership to be considered a success.

We developed an identity that positioned Estate 88 as a premium, high quality coffee company.

This design language was then translated across all of their collateral to create a seamless brand experience. Most importantly, this included packaging design for both their product, and coffee cups.

A standard was set for imagery, colour, messaging and tone for all channels of communication. Rules for the identity were outlined in a full brand guideline document.

Our digital deployment included a full E-Commerce website build, social media set up, strategy and integration — including content creation, social lock-ups and messaging.

Once the brand was created and their website was launched, we then managed Estate 88's social media program with targeted communications and relevant digital advertising.