Eni - Penetrating the Australian market.

Eni is an Italian multinational oil and gas company with a market cap of $90 billion. With plans to expand into Australia and establish a market presence, their Australian distributor, Chematek engaged us.

Quick quarterly insights:


Facebook fans

Built from ground up using organic content and a campaign split to a highly targeted audience base.


Posts seeded

All content crafted was completely new, elevating ENI’s brand.



Putting Eni in front of the right audience.


Instagram follows

A hyper-targeted audience achieving an above-average engagement rate.



With an average time of 2:13 spent on the website, with 87.7% of visitors being new.


Pixel size

Owned audience size from web and social.

Experts in automotive.

Chematek saw our lengthy automotive experience as an asset, so appointing us as their digital agency and local expansion partner was a strategic decision for both parties.

We seamlessly plugged into their international expansion plan and crafted a unique digital strategy that would allow for an impactful and strong foothold in Australia (we wouldn’t just knock on Australia’s door, we would kick it right open!).

The game plan:


Develop ENI’s digital identity and social media presence.

Grow brand equity through an engaging content plan.

Curate a digital community that would later be leveraged to drive sales.

Amplify market-cut through data-driven targeting and advertising.

Curated with consistency.

By initiating a frequent communication program for Eni’s social channels and using the right content, we were able to bring the brand to life.

Crafted for relevance.

Each and every social media post tied in with the heritage of the brand. Each post was consistent, compelling and encouraged viewers to take action. This meant brand equity was built at an expedited rate.

But that's not all. Creating home-grown Aussie content was key to our success.

Making it stick.

As Australians, we engage best with content that talks to our national identity and the stuff we love. By producing localised content, and in a way that made an oil and lubricant company appealing, Eni’s market penetration skyrocketed.

Sourcing the best.

We pulled the right levers and sourced extremely rare and exotic cars, so when this content was published, it gave Eni instant, thumb-stopping, authority.

Staying true to brand.

To further drive sales, we rolled out a partnership plan that pushed marketing collateral to Eni’s sub-distributors and stockists around the country. No matter where you came across Eni, the brand’s experience was seamless.

Building the right assets.

Data building and integration was the key to growth. We harnessed data to put Eni in front of the right audience.

By cleverly pushing their audiences down the funnel with unique content, we were able to get in front of our most important prospects at a lower cost.

Building a love brand.

By placing products in-situ and leveraging with top tier cars, we were able to position Eni into the marketplace and drive higher engagement.


“THE-LOWDOWN Agency provided what we needed - a professional set-up and kick start of our social media accounts. They're professional and targeted towards large enterprises.”

Claire.RGeneral Manager