Building a brand from the ground up, for a fitness facility built from the ground up.

The concept of CREWFIT grew from a dream and a name, into a logo, manifesting itself finally as a world class fitness facility.

CREWFIT is packed with the best equipment from around the globe, wrapped in a modern building and appointed with the finest luxury amenities.

It's the ultimate fitness lifestyle experience.

Our task? Bring the brand to life through identity, web, socials and content creation.

We had full creative freedom to determine the CREWFIT brand persona, look and feel.

We applied a consistent aesthetic to a range of creatives, images, reels and loops.

These creatives were utilised to build out an interactive, engaging and functional website to funnel potential members from socials and ads through to conversion.

A consistent and aesthetic social feed was curated to reinforce the burgeoning identity of the brand and showcase the facility and all of it's world class features.

Staff uniforms, apparel and all digital and print collateral was designed in-house. This level of control across the entire brand at a ground level ensured that CREWFIT appeared well established from launch. We even branded the dumbbells.


“Setting up a new business from the ground up has had to be the most exciting yet stressful thing we had ever done, and marketing for us was foreign and extremely daunting. Engaging The Lowdown Agency to handle all of our social media strategy, set up and content has been the best decision we made.
Jason, Sancho and Adam not only immersed themselves in our business but they became part of it, and they supported us so we could focus on setting up the business.
Working with the team was seamless and always on point - with great communication and attention to detail. Our brand grew rapidly before our eyes and the buzz around our gym was immediate from day one. Amazing work all round!”

Jasmina NguDirector, CREWFIT