Award-winning Bentley Campaign.

As an official Bentley Motors dealership, Bentley Sydney approached us to craft a campaign that paid homage to Bentley’s 100 years.

They wanted to celebrate the power and performance ingrained into each Bentley, in particular the iconic Continental GT, but in a way that hadn’t been done by any other dealership world-wide.

Award-winning: Our work for Bentley Motors Sydney was recognised as best practice during Bentley Motors Australia’s 2019 national dealer conference. It received an accolade for best dealer marketing.


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Bite-sized Bentley’s.

In real life, nothing about a Bentley is bite-sized, but everything sure is beautiful.

We curated bite-sized cinematic-style videos and social-formatted photos that captured the breathtaking Continental GT. Video allowed us to simply communicate the GT’s very intricate features and photos amplified it.

An icon for an icon.

By using set locations iconic to Sydney, we made sure the content, without doubt, was Bentley Sydney’s. Head office loved it.

A bespoke build.

To elevate the experience even further, an interactive landing page was created to present the car’s performance capabilities in a way that had never been seen before.

The final piece in the campaign's puzzle.

Cinematic videos coupled with interactive landing pages were tied together with targeted advertising.

Results as impressive as the GT itself.

Even though Bentley was over the moon with the results, WE WANTED MORE. We partnered with digital communities and publishers to amplify the content even further.

Reaching the right audience.

Over 240,000 Bentley lovers and potential customers were reached on Facebook and Instagram through perfectly timed roll-outs. Any interactions by these potential customers formed part of Bentley’s sales strategy.


“We've achieved great results with THE-LOWDOWN Agency and appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach with respect to our marketing objectives. Their level of proficiency and dedication is evident in every step of the way ensuring the content created for our brand is of the highest calibre. We would highly recommend THE-LOWDOWN Agency.”

Michael.WSales Director